You can’t regulate abortion based on morality


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The abortion debate wages on, with new court rulings threatening the legality of the procedure for the first time in decades.

Halee Young, Staff Writer

Abortion and abortion related topics have been debated in political spheres since the ‘70s, but the results have always been the same: since 1973 women in the U.S. have been able to obtain legal, safe abortions.

Now, as of recently the Supreme Court heard Mississippi-related arguments that could lead to a change in the Roe v. Wade case. 

The bottom line is that it is unconstitutional to regulate abortion based on morality. Why so? Because you cannot govern the people within the moral confines of a religion. 

Every person has a right to their own personal religion, which means that if your argument is that abortion is against the bible, while that might be true, you legally cant make laws based off of a religion, any religion for that matter.

I have noticed more than anything, the inconsistencies and hypocrisy in pro life arguments.

Not only can you not constitutionally regulate abortions, but being pro life cannot just mean that you are pro birth.

 You have to advocate for the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of ALL living beings. Which probably means you advocate for living people to have access to life saving healthcare, even if they can’t afford it… You should advocate for the 30,000 women a year who die from illegal abortions due to strict abortion laws.

More often than not, pro life arguments are based on anecdotes, not factual information.

“Well, you know my cousin…” so on and so forth. 

There is some sort of humor in it all. Each side thinks they are misunderstood and if they explain it more the other will listen. If that were true, this would’ve stayed in the ‘70s.

The fact is, you’re not gonna change someone’s mind based on the same statistics and ‘facts’ people have used for decades, until you bring new information, this is always going to be a topic to mindlessly discuss if you want to get someone out of your life, other than that it’s anticlimactic.

Whether you believe life begins at conception or otherwise. If the name of your organization states that you advocate for life, advocate for all of it. If your organization states you advocate for choice, don’t allow your right to choose to impose on someone else’s.