Bellwood-Antis changing dress code policy


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Sombreros are now a part of the BA dress code one day each week.

Julius Diossa, Staff Writer

As of February 2, the Bellwood-Antis School District will change the dress code policy that’s been the same since anyone can remember.

The reason for changing the uniform policy is in past years students can’t obey the dress code and like to have half of their clothes missing when coming to school. There is also a really bad problem with males wearing Nike pros to school and its not a very good look.

On January 4, the Bellwood-Antis School District had a school board meeting settling the ongoing dress code violations and how to fix them. They had an anonymous vote by B-A district employees and gave the employees a three-answer poll. The answers were “change the dress code,”  “keep the dress code the same,” or “let the elementary kids pick the dress code,” and they chose the third one.

Some of the new dress code changes are on Mondays students have to dress up like nuns and priests and go through Bible lessons every other period so B-A sports teams can start recruiting like other schools. On Tuesdays, its taco Tuesday, and students have to wear sombreros and bring maracas to school. On Wednesdays, students have to dress up like camels because it’s Hump Day. Thursdays are pretty boring days, so students will just have a set uniform for that day. Every Friday students will now have to dress up in trash bags because to not offend anyone for not having the nicest clothes.

Enjoy being able to wear your favorite styles and clothes for the next two weeks because before you know it students will all be looking the same.