Do Valentine’s Day Candy Hearts taste like chalk?


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Candy hearts are the Valentines Day candy of choice for many.

Kimberly Bennett, Staff Writer

Candy hearts are a controversial topic based upon whether they taste chalky and dry or sweet and crunchy.

There is one answer: candy hearts are elite. Candy hearts are crunchy when eating them and they start to dissolve into an amazing sugary candy. They’re maker is the New England Confectionery Company. It originated in the 1860s along with lots of other popular Valentine’s Day candy’s.

Most of the Valentine’s hearts are off brand hearts, the only places that they are actually selling the real ones are Walmart and Walgreens. There are lots of companies that you may know like Brach’s, Sweet Tarts and Sour Patch Kids.

There is no Valentine’s Day without Sweethearts, the most popular candy hearts out there. Valentine’s day would be empty without them. They’re hard, but yet chewy, delectable candies.

Candy hearts are also part of very fond child hood memories, back when you would pull the hearts out of the box or bag they came in and read the little heart warming note that was different every time. Kids would pull out the notes and trade them with others during elementary school Valentine’s Day parties. It was almost like a bonding experience.

Candy hearts are hands down the best Valentine’s Day candy. They are a sweet little pick me up to go about your day.