Musical guest comes to Bellwood-Antis


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Mrs. Cutsforth-Huber returned to B-=A for her second master class last week.

Isabelle Kelley, Staff Writer

Today Bonnie Bridget Cutsforth-Huber visited Bellwood-Antis for a chorus vocal masterclass last Thursday.

Mrs. Cutsforth-Huber is a music professor at Penn State Altoona. She worked with Ms. Hull’s classes during 3rd and 4th period.

Student who received individual lessons included Sara Berkowitz, Dallas Smithmyer, Damien Mills, Gianna Juart, and Avery Turek.

Chorus members had the opportunity to sit in on the lessons and learn from one of the top music educators in the region.

This was the second time Mrs. Cutsforth-Huber taught a master class at B-A. She visited in 2020, as well. Lisa Gwinn, an acclaimed opera singer, held a master class for B-A singers in 2017.