Bocce team benefits from second polar pop


Victoria Jenkins

Six teachers along with freshman Brooke Hescox participated in the Polar Pop.

Isabelle Kelley, Staff Writer

On Friday Morning, Bellwood-Antis High School teachers got soaked for the second straight year in support of a great cause.

Six teachers and one students took part in the Polar Pop in support of the B-A bocce team.

The event was organized by Mrs. Leah McNaul, who is one of the bocce team’s advisors along with Mrs. April Cramer. Students and sponsors donated money to see their favorite teacher doused in water after a water balloon was popped over their head.

Participants included:

  • Mrs. Stinson
  • Mr. Barr
  • Mr. Whitling
  • Mr. Schreier
  • Mr. Sachse
  • Mr. McNaul
  • Mrs. Creamer
  • Brooke Hescox

Before the event, the bocce team had raised just $100 or a required $2,000. Thanks to the Pop, the team reached its fundraising goals.

The bocce team will now play in the Blair County championships at Central High School. With a win they could advance to states.

“We are all excited about today’s game. Win or lose this team has had a great session working together and forming bonds that will last a long time. I am honored to have been one of their coaches and watching them grow at each practice and match,” said Mrs. Cramer.