Holiday-ish: National Crayon Day


Celebrate National Crayon Day.

Today is National Crayon Day.

People may think crayons are for little kids, but adults have adult coloring books and they use crayons to color, too. Crayons have been around for a long time. They used to just be sold in a plain cardboard box, but now you can buy them with sharpeners in them. There are so many colors of crayons and different sizes, too.

When we were very little we often used the biggest, fattest crayons, but as the spaces on our paper got smaller we started to use the skinny ones. You were never to write on walls with them and definitely not to eat them.

At Bellwood-Antis High School and Middle School,  we asked student what their favorite crayon color is, and most people said red and blue. What is your favorite color crayon?