Mr. McNaul “Rocks” Mr. Naylor


Hayliana Shumac

Mr. McNaul unleashed the slap heard ’round the world on Monday.

A fight broke out in the Bellwood-Antis art room Monday, May 28 between two highly respected male teachers in the English and history departments.

Art teacher Mrs. McNaul has been working on a secret project for months, which included a gargoyle that was supposed to knock all other gargoyles ever made out of the park.

Mrs. McNaul was thinking her art would totally sell for millions of dollars and be a big break to start off her art career.

She decided to have all the teachers come in and offer their opinions. After listening to her husband hyping her up for months on end she expected for everyone to love her art and start bidding right there that second.

This is where things went down hill quickly. Mr. Naylor entered the classroom and began to talk to his fellow teaching staff on some of what he thought was the students art, and he sure did make a mistake when telling everyone that the shark gargoyle was kind of garbage and very amateur.

Turns out the art he was knocking was the piece that was supposed to turn the McNaul’s rich for the rest of their lives. After Mr. Naylor  started cracking jokes at the art piece. Mr. McNaul was not trying to have it. He stormed up to the front of the art room and  smacked Mr. Naylor so hard he forgot how many kids he had.

After security guard Mr. Mercer broke it up, he made Mr. McNaul head back to his classroom, but he still wasn’t very happy proceeding to yell, “Get my wife’s name out yo mouth” multiple times.

Let’s just say Mr. Naylor isn’t big man on campus anymore after McNaul surely put him in his place.