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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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Students bring delicious Lego trend to the Media Center

Students have begun snacking on Legos leading staff to take extra security measures
Kate Wallace
Legos are being chewed on in the Media Center as faculty scramble to stop this delicious new trend.

Although the end of the school year is upon Bellwood-Antis, faculty are scrambling after students have brought a delicious new trend to the school district.

Faculty in the Media Center have found Lego pieces with bites taken out of them, and after a quick search on social media the district has found the culprit to be a new Lego eating trend.

Sophomore Aliyah Smith says that this Lego tastes just like a chocolate bar. Aliyah was later rushed to the nurses office after a piece got lodged in her throat. (Kate Wallace)

“The first Lego piece I found I just assumed was broken in half, but after more started to show up I realized students had been eating them,” stated Brittany Solomon, the Media Center advisor.

The Media Center has a shared bin full of Legos for students to build and play with, which is where students taking part in the trend have been getting their rock-hard snacks from.

Students were polled and it was found that just above sixty-nine percent of them have been participating in the trend. “They taste really good,” commented freshman Eli Bianchini. “You get over the sharp pain going down your throat after a while.”

An increase in students have been sent to the nurse following the start of the trend which in turn led to the district sending a letter home to parents advising against it, and disclosing the dangers of the Lego pieces themselves such as:

  • Sharp edges
  • Choking hazards
  • Germs from middle schoolers who refuse to wear deodorant

In order to stop this madness, security officers have been stationed near the Lego bin to look out for suspicious activity.

“This stupid trend has ruined the joy of building Legos! I just want to make a house in peace without Officer Mercer staring down my back,” commented one student.

Although security has been enforced, more Lego chunks are still being found. If the trend keeps pursuing, the Media Center will be left no choice but to take away the Lego bin for the remainder of the school year.

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