Upcoming Spring Break


Kerry Naylor

Everyone at B-A is jumping for joy over the upcoming spring break.

With Spring break coming up, students are excited to finish their short week!

Thursday and Friday students are off for the start of spring break and they will return to school on Wednesday of next week. Due to the school district using FID days rather than calling off during the few winter storms in January and February, students will have their full spring break, which runs from the end of school on Wednesday, April 13 until Wednesday, April 20.

After spring break, end of year activities will finally begin. Some of the upcoming April activities include, GACTC Senior NOCTI Exams (All day at CTC), Career fair for 10th grade students, high school Band Concert at 7pm, and Junior and Senior Prom at the Casino at Lakemont.

Just like April, May is just as full with activities, like a possible Senior Trip to a curve game, the high school musical on May 12, 13 and 14, the high school Choral Concert, and the last day off before the end of school on Memorial Day.

Although many activities will soon begin, so will Keystone Exams, SATs, and Finals. SATs will take place at BAHS on Saturday, May 7th. Keystone Exams will then occur May 17, 18, and 19. Lastly Finals occur the 23-26.