Fire department to enact mock accident


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Next week B-A will host its first mock accident since 2019.

Addalyn Turek, Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 28, Bellwood-Antis students in grades 10-12 will participate in a safe driving assembly produced by the Excelsior Fire Company.

The event will begin with a presentation by fire department personnel, the Deputy Coroner, and Bellwood police. Students will then move outside to witness emergency service personnel work at a mock vehicle accident.

The events will start around 8:45 a.m. inside the school and conclude by 10:00 outside of the school.

The school and the fire department are hoping that this mock accident will remind students of the dangers of drinking and driving due to prom and graduation coming up.

Bellwood typically does this event every two years, but have been unable to participate in them in recent years. The Last time the school held a mock accident was in 2019.

The school is very pleased that they get to work with the local emergency services to provide this educational opportunity to their student drivers.