Holiday-ish: May the 4th be with you


May 4 is a day to celebrate the Star Wars franchise worldwide.

This weeks holiday-ish is May the 4th be with you or also known as Star Wars day.

Star Wars day is special because we celebrate the Star Wars media franchise. May the 4th be with you became a thing in 1978 a year after the release of  Star Wars: A New Hope.

May 6th (Revenge of the Sixth) is also another day to celebrate Star Wars dark side because May 4th is to celebrate the Jedi.

Break out your Star Wars action figures, cosplay as a Jedi or even an Ewok. Watch the Star Wars marathons you’ll see on TV.

Take some time to honor the past – not just the past from your childhood, but from a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away).