High school enjoying updated clocks


Jacob Mercer

Bellwood-Antis High School is keeping time with new clocks this year.

To kick off the 2022-23 school year, the Bellwood-Antis staff has received a new addition to their classrooms.

New clocks have been installed, and they are definitely a good way to start the year.

BAHS had gone without properly functioning clocks for five years, and while the bells and iPads were there to assist in keeping track of time, it didn’t always work that way. The clocks are digital and synced with iPads on Apple time.

“After a few years not having clocks in our rooms and sometimes losing track of times, having the clocks there now is nice,”” said English teacher Mr. Kerry Naylor. “Time is always important in class and it’s good to be able to just look up and see it instead of having to go yto your desk to open your iPads or phone.”

One downfall these new clocks have is they “aren’t in sync with the bell.” As math teacher, Mrs. Carney said, “I really like them, but on the first day of school they weren’t working properly.”

The clocks switch to bell time several seconds before the balls ring.

One might look at the time and wonder, “Why hasn’t the bell rung yet?” But someone who says this might be a new student and it could be confusing to start a new year with not getting used to the time.

Although these new clocks are a bit delayed with the bell, this is definitely a good benefit towards the year. The Bellwood-Antis staff are very appreciative for these clocks.