Sophomore Gracie Rice wins national championship


Courtesy photo

B-A sophomore Gracie Rice is a national champion weightlifter after her performance last summer.

Jase Hostler, Staff Writer

Over the summer, Bellwood-Antis sophomore Gracie Rice won a 2022 national championship at the USA Weightlifting Nationals. The event was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 25-July 3.

Gracie won individual gold in the clean-and-jerk and the snatch lift. She hit 3 personal records in clean (74 kg./163 lbs.), jerk (74 kg./163 lbs.), and snatch (56 kg./123 lbs.), while competing in the 55 kg. weight class and age division 14-15.

Her performance allowed her to take the overall 14-15 title.

“It felt good,” said Gracie. “I felt like my work really paid off.”

Gracie has competed in 11 events since picking up the sport in middle school. Her first meet was in 2020, a meet in Pittsburgh, and she has also competed at the Arnold Schwartzeneger Classic.

Gracie’s first ever meet was in October of 2020. It was the October online qualifier an online qualifier due to COVID.

When asked who got her started in weightlifting, she said, “My uncle, Fred Dorman, got me started in weightlifting to help me improve in other sports, but I ended up just sticking with it. He’s a big part of my life along with my weightlifting journey.”

Gracie also says that Fred is her biggest inspiration. and without him, she would never have gotten into weightlifting.

Gracie also competed with one of her teammates, Sarah Mallery.

“We competed together this year at Nationals. It was actually our first meet competing against each other since Nationals 2021.”

Good luck to Gracie moving forward.