Sugarcoat your Wednesday


Celebrate Gobstopper Day.

Are you ever having a rough start to your day and just don’t know how to fix it? Well, I would recommend to have a gobstopper!

Today is Gobstopper Day.

Gobstopper originated from the word ‘gob’ that is used as slang in the United Kingdom. This sweet candy is perfect for a sweet tooth!

Going way back in the past to ancient Egypt where sweet candy was created. In the 1700’s manufacturers were introduced to larger machinery that had an advantage of producing larger portions of the original candy, which is where the gobstopper was generated. The process of this candy is: Unloading layers onto a ball of sugar, or preferably a gumball. This process usually takes a few weeks to make, as the sugar coating cycle continues on until it reaches satisfaction.

The gobstopper is featured in mostly any store as well as and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by making the ‘Everlasting Gobstopper.’ It was also a popular candy during WWI and WWII.

This sweet treat has it’s own dedication. Hurry up and grab a few to celebrate this national holiday!