Sideline Cancer expanding to sponsor travel sports teams


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Sideline Cancer is branching out its sports ventures into travel basketball and softball as a way of raising money for pancreatic cancer.

Tighe Eaken Jr., Staff Writer

Sideline Cancer has become a big part of the culture at Bellwood-Antis and it is only becoming more and more important each year.

The program is best known for sponsoring high school basketball games, but is now testing the waters of sponsoring competitive sports travel teams.

Sideline Cancer is a program started by Cathy and Jordan Griffith, and its mission is to “take pancreatic cancer off the sideline and to the finish line for a cure.”

For the basketball games sponsored by Sideline Cancer, the group raised money by selling shirts for $15 dollars, and for every shirt sold. $4 went towards a person battling cancer in the community. Last year, B-A students and community raised $1,000 for 2022 graduate Dawson Miller’s father, Doug, who is battling pancreatic cancer.

Along with sponsoring basketball games and the Bellwood-Antis Homecoming game this year, Sideline Cancer is now seeking to start its own travel teams for sports such as basketball and softball. These teams are projected to be highly competitive, with premier coaching; they will travel to play other highly skilled travel teams.

B-A math teacher Ali Stinson, who is involved with the softball teams, explained: “Our goal is to develop and form competitive teams at various age levels, while providing a safe, family environment where our players will develop confidence, have the courage to take risks, and commit to creating a positive ripple effect in our world”.

Mrs. Stinson, who is coach of the junior high Bellwood softball team, elaborated how she and the Sideline Cancer organization are working together to start the “Bigger Than Softball” movement. This movement will “provide opportunities for serious softball players who are dedicated to the sport and excelling at it”.

Mrs. Stinson said sports have the power to bring people together, creating amazing opportunities, possibilities, and memories. “As a former college athlete, I am aware of the impact that sports can have on not only the participant, but families and communities.”

On the basketball side of it, Jordan Griffith has been the driving force behind starting travel basketball teams bearing the Sideline Cancer moniker. Last year, he approached Mike Reed of the Central PA Dynamite basketball program to discuss merging the two organizations.

“The goal is to broaden the opportunities for basketball players in Central PA, while also continuing to raise awareness about the fight against cancer,” Reed said.

Sideline Cancer has been involved with area sports for quite some time. Last June the organization held its 10th annual golf tournament at Scotch Valley Country Club, and a local Sideline Cancer basketball team out of Hollidaysburg has raised more than $300,000 for pancreatic cancer research.