New Principal… (drum roll please) … Mr. Schreier!


New high school principal Mr. Schreier met with the student body in grade level meetings on Monday, his first official day on the job.

Devin Poplin , Staff Writer

On Monday, Bellwood-Antis High School got a new principal along with a new superintendent.

The new Principal, Mr. Rick Schreier, is the former eighth grade science and American cultures teacher. He has taught at Bellwood for the past thirteen years and has been a teacher for seventeen years total.  Prior to teaching at BA, Mr. Schreier taught at both Montoursville and Huntington. When asked if he was excited to start his new position as principal, Mr. Schreier responded with, “I am very excited to get started. I have an advantage because I know most of the students in the high school and they know me. I’m excited because we have a great teaching staff and I feel very confident and their abilities.”

Although he is excited to begin, Mr. Schreier said that he will definitely miss being in his classroom.

“There is a special bond that forms with the students every year and it will be hard for me to change,” said Mr. Schreier.

As the new principal, Mr. Schreier does not have plans for immediate change. He has said that he wants to provide a physical presence to create an environment for the teachers to teach and the students to learn. Mr. Schreier said that down the road there will be plans made for appropriate changes.

My goal is to finish my career at B-A and this position is allowing me to do that. It’s a destination job. It’s where is want to be.”

— High school principal Mr. Rick Schreier

Even though he is going to miss the middle school, Mr. Schreier is keeping a positive outlook on the changes in his career.

“I spent thirteen years working in the middle school so I will miss it. I’ll miss being a classroom teacher and I’ll miss the people that I work with. I have a positive outlook on what’s coming and I have a positive outlook on the changes in my career,” he said.

Along with being a teacher, Mr. Schreier is also a B-A varsity football coach.

“During the off season I plan on seeing how much time I have available to determine if it would be fair to continue to pursue coaching. This new position will come before coaching next season,” Schreier said.

With all the recent changes in principals and administration at Bellwood-Antis, the question might be if Mr. Schreier will be here long term. The answer is yes.

“I believe I was selected because of the stability I offer to the school. My goal is to finish my career at BA and this position is allowing me to do that. It’s a destination job. It’s where is want to be. It offers stability to me as well as the teachers and the students,” said Mr. Schreier.

Assistant principal Mrs. Adams said, “I think it is wonderful that Mr. Schreier got the high school principal position. I am looking forward to working with him, and I think we will be a great team. I’m excited to have someone to work with again.”

Mr. Schreier concluded by saying that respect will be the key word. “Mutual respect, will create an environment that moves the school year along a whole lot better. The biggest challenge for me will be the schedule and getting to know my bearings.”