HOLIDAY-ISH: Mean Girls Day


October 3 is Mean Girls Day.

Today is the day we all have been waiting for. October 3 is known for having a spotlight in ‘Mean Girls.’ This date gained it’s popularity from the scene where Aaron asks Cady what day it is, and she answered,” October 3,” and ever since that iconic scene October 3 will always be ‘Mean Girls Day’.

Since you are now familiar with today, you might ask yourself “What even is Mean Girls?” Well. it’s lucky you ask that because the details of Mean Girls is also included in this story. Mark Waters had directed this movie back in the early 2000’s and released it to the public in 2004, andĀ  the news of this new movieĀ  spread quickly. The teen, comedic film is about a girl who moved all the way from Africa after being homeschooled while growing up. Cady really had the full high school experience from crushes, groups, burn books, fake friends, and to allegedly hitting her enemy with a bus!

On Cady’s first week she gets introduced to the Plastics by her two close friends, Janis, and Damien. They all form a plan for Cady to become one of the Plastics and find out all of their true darkest secrets. But it does not go as planned.

You can celebrate today by doing spontaneous activities, and maybe wear pink because it’s not Wednesday.