Bellwood-Antis is Team Donovan!


Donovan and one of his biggest fans, Mrs. Nycum

Maggie Erickson, Jr. Reporter

An eighth grade student in the BAMS, Donovan Miller, has been recently diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. This disease is a neuromuscular disorder that effects the muscles and the nerves that control them. He must go through very intense and life threatening treatments that can only be done in Pittsburgh.

Donovan’s mother stays with him while he is in and out of the ICU and getting treatments, but his father has to stay at home and go to work to support their family. The past couple months have taken a major toll on the family’s emotional and financial needs.

To try and lift some of the financial worries for the family, our whole school district is going to show our support for Donovan by wearing our favorite jersey and jeans to school on Wednesday, December 3. All students are being asked to donate a dollar to help with the cause which has been named “Dollars for Donovan”.

What a perfect time to think about and help others, especially since the holiday season is officially upon us!

Mrs. Nycum is the reason that we are doing this project, so the next time you see her be sure to thank her for the hard work she has put into this great project! I got the chance to talk to Mrs. Nycum about Donovan and his disease:

How has this disease been effecting Donovan?

He has lost a lot of weight. He has difficulties walking and speaking because of the disease taking over his muscles.

Why do you think it is important to do the “Dollars for Donovan” Day?

I think it is important because it shows that we are a school family, and that we really care about him.

We all are hoping for a positive outcome for Donovan, and that every dollar we collect can help his family during this difficult time.

Let’s show Donovan how supportive Bellwood-Antis really is!