Lovrich places 4th at Blair-Huntingdon County Invitational


Daman Mills

Blake Pennington and Lexi Lovrich were among the top finishers in their division at the Blair-Huntingdon cross country race on Monday.

Tighe Eaken Jr., Staff Writer

On Monday, the Bellwood-Antis boys and girls cross country teams took part in the Blair-Huntingdon County Invitational.

The meet took place at the Logan Elementary School in Altoona.

Lexi Lovrich placed 4th with a time of 21:31, after showing an amazing and heartwarming act of sportsmanship.

On the final stretch of the race, Edith Manfred, a runner from Grier school in first place, started slowing down due to health issues, allowing the runners in 2nd and 3rd place to pass her. Lexi, however, slowed down at the finish line to allow the girl to get her rightful top 3 finish.

Christian Sensibaugh placed first for the BA boys team, but was not able to place on the medal stand with his time of 19:33.

Blake Pennington, Bellwood’s only junior high runner, placed 4th in the middle school division. Blake has a bright future ahead of her, continuously flashing signs of greatness.

The boy and girls cross country teams will compete in the District 6 championship meet this Saturday, October 29th, at the Big Valley Course in Mifflin County.