Blue Angels Christmas Program


Kerry Naylor

Blue Angels is once again accepting presents for needy local families on Christmas.

Jase Hostler, Staff Writer

The annual Blue Angles Christmas present drive is now underway.

The Blue Angels Christmas program is a  fundraiser to give back to local kids at Christmas. At the Bellwood-Antis High School and Middle School entrance, there are trees with ornament-like cards that you can grab, free of charge. There is also a tree at Myers.

These cards will have the gender and age of a local child in need, along with the gift to be donated. The item can then be returned back to a box next to the tree by the due date (back of card).

This program is a yearly tradition at B-A that has been going on for many years. This program is also done by many other schools.

Blue Angels cards are due on December 2, 2022, so there’s lots of time to think about getting a card and getting the want or the need on the card. The gifts are  wrapped, boxed and delivered right before Christmas so they can successfully make it to the kids houses by Christmas Day. When the kids open up the presents, it lights their face up with a smile if they didn’t expect to get their Christmas wish.

The instructions for the Blue Angels tags are as follows:

  • Each tag has an item that has been put on a wish list by either a child or parent
  • Purchase the item listed on the tag
  • Tape the tag to unwrapped gift
  • Place gift in the Christmas box located by the trees

This years items range from basic toiletries like toothpaste and tooth brushes to clothes for toddlers to traditional Christmas toys like trains, trucks, and dolls.