HOLIDAY-ISH: Cat Lovers Month

Cats are an adorable addition to your life.

Cats are an adorable addition to your life.

There is such a wide variety of days, weeks, and months for humans to be appreciated or honored, but what about animals? Well, you’re just in luck because December is a month to adore our furry friends, cats.

Cats are believed to have originated all the way back to 7500 BC, located in the middle east. Egypt is known for many associations with cats because of  their significance with the Egyptians.

There’s always a misconception between adopting your first pet to make your family feel complete, which is usually between dogs or cats, but what do you really know about cats?

Do you have a favorite breed of cat? Whether you look more into their behavior, or if you are more drawn to how soft and fluffy they might be. I’m sure we all have our specifics we look for in cats, that’s why I’ll be informing you the basics on the top 3 most recommended cat breeds.

First is the Siamese cats. Siamese cats got their name from Thailand, or known as ‘Siam’ which is where the name Siamese comes from. These cats are known for their bright eyes, and beautiful coats but what about their behavior? Their behavior is consisted of intelligence, and being very sociable.

Although they are quite the attention grabber, their sassy behavior might put a stop to your guests. For the most part, Siamese cats will never miss out on the affectionate part of owning a cat.

American Shorthairs are also a part in the top suggested cats, due to their wide variety of fur coats and other traits. To start off, these cats’ don’t just have one specific fur coat pattern they have a huge span of unique fur coats. What makes them so known is their loving behavior.

Many families usually decide on an American Shorthair for their first pet because of how loving, and gentle they are with younger kids. They make a great companion for your family and they normally never have a viscous-like behavior like the other breeds of cats usually have. Just like the Siamese cat, they have also come along with their sassy behavior.

Ragdolls are last in the top 3 with their soft, furry coat and just like the Siamese their colorful eyes attract many owners. Ragdolls is a special name which actually comes from their docile temperament.

When you are playing with the Ragdoll it almost has a doll, or boneless like structure that almost convinced people that they couldn’t feel any pain! If you’re in for a house full of fur then you’re in luck. Ragdolls shed a lot due to their long fur coat which can take a bit of responsibility. Aside from the traits that come along with owning a Ragdoll, they are a great addition if you want a furry friend to tag along with you almost anywhere you go.

In conclusion, cats can be helpful in many ways that you would never guess! That’s why you should find interest in adopting yourself a loveable, playful, and especially adorable friend.

Hopefully this will give your feelings on adopting a cat switch, and make your December. You’ll never regret it.