Mrs. Mary bids farewell to Bellwood-Antis


Bailee Conway

Mrs. Mary Dillen, busy at work decorating the media center.

Bailee Conway, Staff Writer

Mrs. Mary Dillen, who runs the high school media center, will work her last day at Bellwood-Antis on Friday, December 2.

Mrs. Mary has worked at Bellwood for almost 9 years, beginning her career as a special education aid, but has been in the media center and café for almost 5. She is currently looking for a job in the area where she will be moving.

Mrs. Mary feels that Bellwood-Antis has been an awesome school with an excellent administration and teachers.

“The students are for the most part hardworking and a really good group of kids,” said.

Mrs. Mary’s advice for the future media center advisor is to have fun and make the media center a welcoming and comfortable spot for the students to come hang out in.

I feel very fortunate to have worked at Bellwood – Antis but I am looking forward to my next adventure.”

— Mrs. Mary

“Make sure the students know you want them to enjoy the media center and be respectful of the space,” Mrs. Mary said.

Jacob Hawn, senior at Bellwood, said that, “Mrs. Mary has played a major role in the media center, and she will be missed !”

Mrs. Mary appreciates the opportunities Bellwood has given her.

“I feel very fortunate to have worked at Bellwood-Antis, but I am looking forward to my next adventure,” she said.

Good luck at whatever the future holds for you Mrs. Mary! Bellwood-Antis will miss you!