Ten ways to kill my Christmas spirit

Juniors Edyn Convery and Emilee Astore are shown questioning the purpose of the Christmas tree.


1. creepy santa emileeThe child who pouts over an unwanted Christmas gift

We all know the one kid who cries because he got a transformer instead of an IPad.

2. People who set up their decorations a month early

Really? Thanksgiving just passed and some houses had their decorations up already.

3. Nonstop, overdone playing of Christmas music on the radio

I love Christmas music as much as the next person but when I’m in class and all I can think about is “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer,” we have a problem.

4. Untangling lights that go onto the tree

White lights on a Christmas tree are so pretty, but not the untangling. Not to mention, if one light goes out they all go out.

5. The lacking of snow days

When Christmas rolls around, all people think of snow. I still get excited to go outside and sled ride but we’re getting into December and have yet to even have a two hour delay.

6. People who brag about Christmas gifts

We get it. Your Christmas gift was perfect and you love it; move on.

7. Creepy Santa in the mall

I can’t be the only person who thinks putting your child on the lap of a stranger is strange.

8. People who don’t know the words to carols

If you’re going to stand outside of my house and sing Christmas carols, have the common sense to learn the words.

9. Finding a Christmas tree

Finding a tree is always a struggle. You have to get the right height into the house, and it has to be level to avoid tipping.

10. Christmas shopping

The excitement of Black Friday turns into a boxing match when you go into your favorite store and have to fight someone for a top that you could’ve gotten the day before.