Creationz4u up and running in the B-A middle school


Julia Johnson

Students in Creationz4u, a unique real-world experience at Bellwood-Antis Middle School, develop designs for their next project.

Olivia Hess, Staff Writer

Creationz4u, the student-run business for custom products, is ending its year on a high note.

The group’s personalized merchandise has been a hit at local vendor fairs, hair salons, and other partners of the brand such as UPMC, Healthy Blair County Coalition, and Altoona Rifle and Pistol Club.

Business advisor, Mrs. Kyley Longo-McGarvey, is proud of the progress of the company and thinks it’s “going great.” Creationz4u is always progressing, and has added more products to its completely redesigned website. 

When we first started, we were trying to design for an audience and then hope the designs were purchased. Now, we do straight custom designs.

— Mrs. Longo-McGarvey

“We are continually expanding not only products that we carry but the clientele we serve…We have had a lot of  odd jobs so far this year and look forward to getting more community based jobs,” Mrs. Longo-McGarvey said. 

This business was started five years ago, and at the time it was just sublimation work. Since then, a lot has changed. 

“When we first started, we were trying to design for an audience and then hope the designs were purchased,” Mrs. Longo-McGarvey commented. “Now, we do straight custom designs. We have our customers bring their wants, needs and ideas to us and then our job is to bring them to life and produce it for them.”

Bringing the idea to life started when Mrs. Longo-McGarvey attended a conference and met with representatives from Real World Scholars. The representatives wanted to partner with teachers, and she jumped at the opportunity to “build a meaningful curriculum for [her] students”.

“When I crossed paths with Real World Scholars and what they were looking to do, it was a no brainer,” she quoted. 

Creationz4u offers an array of products, such as drinkware, drinkware accessories, magnets, ornaments, wallets, bags, signs, banners, car and wall decals, and digital design services. 

Izzy Weeks, a student member of the business, loves the teamwork aspect of it all. 

“My favorite part of working on this business is the ability to collaborate with my classmates and come up with great designs for our customers,” Izzy said. 

Her favorite product from the store is the acrylic ornament, since it’s “perfect for any Christmas tree” and a “sparkly illusion” is created from the lights on the tree. 

Other popular stocking stuffers that the team members treasure are phone wallets, locker magnets, travel wallets, and tumblers. 

The students behind Creationz4u are strategic with their earnings, as the money is often reinvested back into the business for supplies including inks, paper, heat presses, printers, and substrates. 

“All the raised money goes straight to the students in my class. They decide where and how it gets spent,” said Mrs. Longo-McGarvey. 

The students have given back to the community by donating some of their profit to classroom projects and local charities, as well. 

To shop and buy from Creationz4u, its website can be found at Mrs. Longo-McGarvey can be reached at [email protected], and there is a FaceBook page available as well.