B-A brings back 12th annual Biggest Loser Contest


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Teachers and staff at BA will spend the next several months cutting weight to raise money for the seed packing event.

Jacob Mercer, Staff Writer

For the 12th time, Mr. Lovrich and the Fellwoship of Christian Athletes is running Bellwood-Antis’s biggest loser contest for teachers.

The contest consists of seeing who can lose the highest percent of their weight. According to Mr. Lovrich, having the contest usually motivates people to try and lose some of the holiday weight.

The contest started January 9th for all teachers and staff employed by B-A and ends right before Easter break, which is April 6.

Half the money raised in this event will go to the FCA so the club can host a seed packing event in March. The other half of the money will go to the winners of the men’s ad women’s divisions.

Some of the best transformations B-A has seen because of this contest have been shop teacher Mr. Mackereth’s and tech support helper Jason Corle.

Mr. Lovrich understands the dedication and hard work you have to put in to win this challenge.

“Losing weight and keeping it off is always hard. It takes a lot of discipline,” he said.