BAMS student nominated as Edublogs Award finalist

Cast your vote for Simply Aubree!


Aubree posing with her Simply Aubree blog

An eighth grader in our middle school, Aubree Reiter, started a blog on June 26th, 2013. Ms.Forshey, the Tech Club adviser, helped Aubree start her blog. Aubree’s blog name is Every year, Edublogs has awards up for all of the bloggers out there! This year, Aubree is a finalist in the “Best Student Blog” category! Aubree is always posting new articles for everyone to see so this has been a dream of hers, and an even bigger dream of hers is to win that category! To fulfill this dream/goal, she needs your help. You can vote here! Voting is only open until December 15th, so vote as soon as possible!

I got the chance to interview Aubree about this goal of hers:

What does it mean for you to be a finalist?

To be a finalist in an international competition means the world to me. Not every day do you get to see a small-town girl winning a huge competition! I’ve worked really hard for this, and I’m so happy that my dream is coming true!

What would it mean to you to actually win this category?

It would really show all the hard work and dedication I have put into my blog.

How important is this to you?

This is really important to me…like how getting a good education and a successful job is important.

Aubree works so hard on her blog and is always writing something for all of us! She is really hoping for a win, but in order to do this she needs your help! Please give Aubree some voting love today!