B-A not holding Mini – THON this year


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The B-A Mini-THON event in 2019, raised over $40,000.

Bailee Conway, Staff Writer

This year, Bellwood-Antis will not be holding an event for Mini-THON.

Mini-THON is a student-led event that raises money for the Four Diamonds organization to fight pediatric cancer by students doing various activities, such as fundraisers, gift baskets, donations, and donor drive. Months of preparation and fundraising culminate in a day-long event that includes a dance and a reveal of the total money raised.

During the Mini-THON event, participants are required to stand the entire time, and there are activities such as dodgeball tournaments, competitive games and face painting.

B-A started THON in 2017, but did not start the all-day event until 2018. Over the course of 3 years, B-A raised over $80,000 for pediatric cancer.

B-A has not done a Mini-THON since the pre-pandemic days, with the last one being in February, 2020. Current B-A seniors are the last class to experience a Mini-THON in the high school.

With THON on the backburner, FCA will be donating money from fundraisers to a charity called “SEEDS”.

While B-A seniors are excited and ready to raise money for SEEDS, some of them are still disappointed they will not be able to partake in one more THON before they graduate.

Senior Maliah Hassler says, “Although I think SEEDS is an amazing cause and we will raise a lot of money, I do believe Mini-THON is something that everyone should experience and I’m sad I’m not doing it my senior year,”.

Mini-THON was previously run by Mr. Matthew McNaul and Mr. Brandon Stewart. Mr. McNaul gave up the position because of the time commitment, as it pulled him away from his day to day teaching responsibilities.

When questioned about the possibility of Mini-THON ever returning, he said, “There’s always the possibility, and I’ve considered that idea pretty seriously. I’ve thought about employing multiple teachers to help advise the various student groups.”

For students who would still like to do a Mini-THON, Mrs. Allison Stinson says that maybe the answer to that isn’t in the school district.

“Maybe explore options outside the school district, like community groups such as churches that could be willing to organize and plan Mini-THON with the high school students,” she said. “The students have to be willing to take charge and take action this year.”