HOLIDAY-ISH: National Galentine’s Day


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Galentine’s Day occurs the day right before Valentine’s Day.

Are you upset about not having a valentine this year? Have an even better Valentine’s Day and get together with your best friends. Because who needs romance, right?

Monday, February 13th is the day to forget about the valentine you don’t have and throw a small party with your closest friends.

Galentine’s Day was originally brought up back in 2010 during an episode of Parks and Recreation by Ken Kwapis. Lesile (originally Amy Poehler) throws a small get together with her girlfriends just the day before Valentine’s day. They then continue to share continuous stories about each other

Galentine’s Day reached it’s popularity not long after it came to be. People took activities and traditions of today to a whole range of them, which shows how much recognition it truly deserves.

Yet Galentine’s Day comes from an episode, it’s mostly just a day to forget about any worries of romance you wish you had and realize who you really need in life. Let’s say it’s your first Valentine’s Day alone because you went through a break up of a long lasting relationship. Put that in your past for not even 24 hours and have the best time with your closest friends.

Make sure to be up to date for this day! Don’t have too much fun.