Bellwood-Antis spots UFO hovering over school


Jake Mercer

I was able to snap a picture moments before it got taken down

Following the downing of 4 unidentified aircrafts in the past month in the U.S., an unknown object was seen flying above Bellwood-Antis, which is being labelled as a ancient Tyronian UFO.

All that is known about these aircraft is that it is used to detect anyone who has the brain capacity to communicate with these aliens. Although it is called a Tyronian UFO, it was only because they were first found in Tyrone. Right as it flew over and started scanning the school to see if they had the intelligence that is required to talk to the aliens, it flew away immediately. Almost shocked at the lack of intelligence, it came to B-A, where it was eventually shot down by school security. A total of 42 shots were unloaded into the UFO.

Three aliens were found dead inside of the aircraft after the crash. It is suspected they died upon impact after being shot down.

Marshal Law has been enforced at B-A while the FBI is investigating the crash. Bellwood-Antis will be recognized by the U.S. government for its contribution to helping understand the UFO’s that have been shot down recently. The government is so thankful, they are giving B-A back it elementary school, which they recently lost in a bet to Tyrone.

High school teacher, Mr. Rhone, said, “I knew the whole time it was those dang UFO’s! We talked about them everyday in my current events class. I should be recognized!”

Mr. Rhone will be the only non-member of the military to be awarded the Medal of Honor for spotting and putting his life on the line while the UFO’s were here.

Thank you to all of the brave souls who saved us from this dangerous UFO.