Big Thursday for B-A


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The Polar Pop on Thursday morning kicks off a big 4-day weekend for B-A students.

Jase Hostler, Staff Writer

There is an up and coming 4-day weekend for all students at B-A. The long weekend will be kicked off on Thursday morning with the Polar Pop fundraiser.

This fundraiser helps put money towards the Special Olympics. Students during their lunch period can buy tickets to put into jars with teachers names on them. Thursday morning, the jar with the most tickets will take that specific teacher, and pop a water balloon over their head.

Thursday afternoon will also consist of the Pines concert. The Pines is a student cover band with one of the members being lead singer, Damon Mills, a Bellwood-Antis senior. The Pines have been playing all around Altoona, whether it be in pubs or schools.

The concert will last through seventh and eighth periods and students will follow the condensed schedule.

The group will be preforming anything the crowd wants, like Harry Styles, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Metallic, and many more. Along with Mills, the Pines consist of three students who attend Central High School: Ben Brumbaugh, Alex Snyder, and Logan Warner.

Later Thursday night, after school hours, B-A will be holding a parent teacher conference for the parents of students to talk to teachers, and get an understanding of their child’s academics. This will  be from 5-8 o’clock PM.

To end off the long weekend, the students will be taking Friday off of school for teacher in-service, and the next Monday for Presidents Day.