Pines rock the house at B-A


Jojo Caswell

The Pines had the crowd at B-A’s auditorium on its feet for most of the set.

The Pines, a local band featuring students from Central and Bellwood-Antis High Schools, played for nearly two hours at the Bellwood-Antis auditorium Thursday afternoon for a special afternoon concert for B-A high schoolers.

The band’s lead singer is Bellwood-Antis senior Daman Mills. The other band members include 3 central high school students: Alex Snyder, Logan Warner, and Ben Brumbaugh.

They played a variety of decades and genres during their set, such as Harry Styles, The Killers, Metallica, Elvis, and The Beatles.

The band also played 3 of their own original songs, including “That’s Alright,” which had the B-A crowd singing the lyrics back to the band.

The band had a good time and hoped that everyone there did too.

“It was really great to perform for everybody. I had a good time, the others had a good time, and we hope everyone else had a good time,” says Daman Mills.

The crowd in the  auditorium was up on its feet dancing and singing along with The Pines during most of the set, even lighting up the room with their phone flashlights during the slower paced songs.

At the end of their performance, Daman handed out free merchandise to the crowd, which included posters and t-shirts. Some lucky B-A students that got merchandise even stayed afterwards to get the band’s autographs.

Bellwood had a great time during the concert and it was a great way to start their 4 day weekend. Thank you Pines!