Annual CHS debate date confirmed


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Lydia Worthing and Jocelyn McGuire talk strategy at the 2022 CHS schoolwide debates.

Jase Hostler, Staff Writer

College in High School debate students at Bellwood-Antis will be competing in the annual CHS schoolwide debates in the auditorium. The confirmed date is Friday, March 3rd.

For CHS debates students taking the class do research on topics and debate the opposing ideas in front of the school. It is a requirement for all students taking the class, which is offered through the University of Pittsburgh.

The student bodfy is invited to attend along with their teachers. The top arguer from the day, as judged by teachers at Pitt, will be selected to attend a state-wide debate in Pittsburgh in April.

The theme of the event is, “The health of America depends on valuing personal beliefs over compromise.” Some of the debate topics include Edward Snowden was a hero, automatic weapons should be banned, and some voices should be censored.

This is always a fun event and we’re hoping once again to have some lively arguments. I hope this debate brings a new found interest in debate spark, among the student body

— Mr. Naylor

“This is always a fun event and we’re hoping once again to have some lively arguments,” said CHS teacher Mr. Kerry Naylor.  “I hope this debate sparks a new-found interest in debate among the student body.”

For the second year, prospective juniors will also be taking the stage to debate, as six underclassmen have agreed to organized a debate of future arguers.

These debate classes are CHS level classes, meaning the students will earn real college credits at Pitt. To earn these credits, it is required to do schoolwide debates.

BA has been doing these debates ever since 2013.