MS Media Center


The media center is a place where students can work, eat, and study. They can work during homework club, eat from the cafè, and study any time they are free(with a teacher’s permission). In Homework Club  students can work on unfinished work that they may not have other time to complete. Students can also work on tests they haven’t finished. Homework club is supervised by Mrs. Gehret and Miss McKenna. There is also café that students can order from. They can order a soft pretzel , coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea, and normal breakfast or lunch. The prices for the breakfast and lunch are the same. The coffee is $1.55, hot chocolate is $1.10, pretzels are $1.20,and iced tea is $1.05. The Media Center has many places to sit and study as well. They have tables, chairs, couches, and other furniture. There are also books to read in the Media Center. It used to be a library, and there are still many books to choose from. Overall the media center is a great place to work, eat, and study.