Antis Township to discuss future of Bellwood-Antis Community Pool


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Kids play during a splash hop at the Bellwood-Antis Community Pool. Officials are currently conducting a feasibility study to determine the viability of a community pool, but there are no immediate plans to close it down.

Jacob Hawn, Staff Writer

The Bellwood-Antis Community Pool has been in existence for over 50 years, and has hosted many generations of Bellwood-Antis residents, as well as those who travel from other areas.

Recent developments have led some to believe the pool may be on borrowed time. However, according to a township official, that’s not quite the case just yet.

A feasibility study is currently being conducted to determine if a pool is a worthy investment for the residents of the Bellwood-Antis area. The results of the study should be available later this year.

“The feasibility study was started as these projects take time and if we are to apply for grants and funds we need to have this study beforehand,” said Antis Township Manager Mr. Doug Brown. 

There are no imminent plans for closing the pool, and it will be open this summer. The public is encouraged to attend a meeting on Tuesday, February 28, at the Bellwood-Antis Public Library to discuss the fate of the pool. 

The decision was made to study the feasibility of having and maintaining a community pool in an effort to be proactive instead of reactive.

— Antis Township Manager Doug Brown

“This is a multi-year process, and the pool as it exists could have a catastrophic failure, which would close it for several years to allow for this process to play out,” said Mr. Doug Brown. “The decision was made to study the feasibility of having and maintaining a community pool in an effort to be proactive instead of reactive.”

Future upgrades of the pool could come at a hefty price for taxpayers and have been estimated to reach up to $$1.5 million. Due to the large price tag, officials are encouraging the public to share their thoughts on the future of the pool and provide as much input as possible. 

“Any large renovation or replacement of the pool is a significant expense for the taxpayers,” said Mr. Brown. “Public input is imperative as it allows the residents to help make decisions on how their money is spent. We do not want to pursue projects, specifically ones this large, that are not supported by the taxpayers.”

The pool has not only provided a place for the community to relax, but has also provided employment to students, including 2021 B-A graduate Dallas Smithmyer.

“Going to this pool as a kid, and lifeguarding for it as much as I have, if things don’t change in funding (closing) would be heartbreaking,” said Dallas.

The question of what could replace the once-occupied area arises and is one township officials have an answer to. 

“It is likely that if the pool was to be removed that it would be replaced with another feature the residents expressed interest in,” said Mr. Brown. “Examples may include a spray park, bocce court, additional basketball court, pickleball, etc.” 

Other recreational projects are also currently in progress, such as the renovation of the 5th Street Park and numerous Rails-to-Trails projects.