HOLIDAY-ISH: National Ghostwriters Week

Ghost writers should take in recognition.

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Ghost writers should take in recognition.

The interpretation of a “Ghostwriter” can be lead to several thoughts. But in reality a Ghostwriter is somebody who is paid to write on behalf of someone else and still give credit.

Ghostwriting has been around since the 5th century, where it was common for royal scribes to write material down for royal figures.

Those royals would claim that the work written, was theirs. Some people however were not very fond for this idea and thought the writing was typically biased on their part, which is understandable.

Surprisingly ghostwriting isn’t just revolved around writing novels or scripts, they also cooperate with writing any musical piece as well. Back then composers would pay a bargain to have a ghostwritten piece.

The term ghostwriting seems old-like, but it’s still used to this day. For example, artists like Cardi B get accused for using ghostwriters to write their music because of the challenging words.

Now what would ghostwriters do with their job? Well they spend months editing and researching which then they are paid from each hour to each word. They are commonly hired by a wealthy corporation because of the fee that applies. Some might also start their careers as a ghost writer then develop from that point forward.

In all ghostwriting is something you could’ve never realized but now you do know. It’s very unexpected.