Grease cast sells out Friday night


Mara Bollinger

After an explosive opening night, Grease is on for two more showings on Saturday.

Caleb Beiswenger, Staff Writer

Last night’s showing of the Grease Musical was a success.

In front of a nearly sold out crowd, the Grease cast opened the much anticipated musical to fanfare and praise.

Even though the show was almost sold out Friday night, tickets are still available to purchase for both shows on Saturday, and be purchased online here

The first show on Saturday is at 2 p.m. and the second show is at 7:30. 

The play is directed by Molly Riva and Mr. Zachry Spaw. The stars of the show are seniors Daman Mills as Danny Zuko and Julia Burns as Sandy Olsson.

The production has been in the works since November, when auditions and casting first took place.

Thad Dick, who plays Vince Fontaine/ teen angel, was excited to perform in front of a sold out crowd. 

“It feels really good that people actually care and are excited to see us perform,” says Thad. “I am most excited for everyone to see all of our hard work that we put into this.”

Lucas Fulmer, who plays Eugene, has been excited to play his part in Grease, which many cast members believe to be the sleeper role of the production.

“I am excited to play Eugene,” he said. “I think that the audience will really enjoy it. It also means a lot to the musical department that we have a sold out crowd for one of the nights because it will bring in enough money for us to perform another musical next year.”

All of the cast members said audiences could expect a lot of energy from the cast as it delivers some of the most popular songs in pop history and intense dance scenes that have taken months to perfect.