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Bradyn Partner plans on playing three sports in high school.

Tighe Eaken Jr., Staff Writer

The BluePrint’s Athlete of the Week this week is 8th grade junior high tri-athlete Bradyn Partner.

Next year, Bradyn will be moving up to high school, where he plans on continuing his sports career.

Right now, though, Bradyn is starting to prepare for his final baseball season in junior high, before entering the high school team next year, where he will get to be coached by his father, Mr. Partner. Mr. Partner is a long-time middle school teacher and coach at B-A.

Bradyn finished up his junior high football career a few months ago, where as the quarterback he led his team to being back-to-back ICC champions, never losing a game in the 2 year span . The junior varsity and varsity football teams will be looking forward using to Bradyn and fellow 8th graders for the next coming years because of the great skill they all have.

Bradyn is looking forward to the Friday night lights the most as he anticipates high school, where he can go out and show his town what he’s really about.

“I just want to go out there and have fun,” said Bradyn.

In order to prepare himself for these days, Bradyn is active in the weight room, even now lifting with varsity coach Mr.Lovrich and the rest of the varsity team. 

Bradyn is also preparing for a long summer of baseball, which includes playing both VFW and Blue Devil travel ball. In all, he and his teammates will play approximately 50 games in the summer alone.