HOLIDAY-ISH: National Earth Day


The Earth is too valuable for us to ruin. (pubic domain image)

Over the years we’ve taken advantage of what we are given, like the gift of being able to live freely. Millions of people have protested against the lack of environmental needs and yet those are still not met.

In 1969 a US Senator named Gaylord Nelson had noticed the effects by the oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA. Then, later in 1970 Americans took a stand for the Earth’s circumstances and decided to make a change. This included protests against air pollution, and most of all the habitats containing wildlife.

Wildlife has never not been in fear of endangerment and sadly there hasn’t been a change. Today we experience more fear in ourselves than our climate, food, animals, etc. For example, on March 13th, 2023 the Biden administration had approved the Willow Project.

The Willow Project is an oil drilling located on the North Slope of Alaska. According to the administration this project could generate oil to release around 9.2 metric tons of carbon pollution a year which is a huge threat to our planet. The oil grounds employ over thousands of people, along with many other oil service jobs.

How would this affect our wildlife? Well, considering our climate status now it’s not looking like a good future for our wildlife especially. If not a good future, consider it harmful. Adaptation is not easy and these oil operations will ruin their original habitats leaving them lost. Sadly the Willow Project could make polar bears extinct in Alaska within 30 years.

Not just ruins of wildlife is the problem it’s our planet in general. It’s the way oil leaks are spilling into our oceans, how fossil fuels are mixing with our air, and pollution. The state that our climate is now is unfortunate reflecting back on how much we’ve spoke up about this.

Buildings are continuing to overpopulate with factories on factories why can’t we make the change? There’s no easy way out of this so little gestures like not littering, cleaning up any litter that you see, and donating to fundraisers made to take that step.

Today we are so brainwashed by what we see on social media and not what we see around us, which is why it’s important to appreciate the fact that you are living on here so take care of it. Go to a local park soak in the sun, fresh air, and maybe clean up as well to make just the simplest change.