HOLIDAY-ISH: National Poem in Your Pocket Day

Poetry is spread all around.

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Poetry is spread all around.

Whenever you receive a letter traditionally you read it and then you just throw it away rather than keep it. Sometimes it’d be nice to keep that small letter like a keepsake. For example, a ‘pocket poem.’  A pocket poem is a writing mostly a poem, that an individual expresses new writings on.

April 29th is an encouragement for people to express themselves by using poetry. This is a way to go past any expectations on your writings and write freely. Spread the poem on by placing it anywhere for others to come across it.

Poetry is a common literary device used for expression of feelings throughout the poem by a specific sequence followed by a rhythm. The list of poetry goes on but the most used is a sonnet. A sonnet poem consists of 14 lines that reflect upon an idea or issue that also includes a rhyme scheme.

Edgar Allen Poe is famous for the world’s most infamous poem, The Raven. Published in January 1845 the poem conveys a distraught, weary theme as a wondrous lover is welcomed by a raven who is mysteriously talking. The narrator is mourning for the loss of his past which shows how grief can take over the emotions someone has. The man is left in complete madness and sorrow.

By paying attention to poems simply you can elucidate how a poem motivates your feelings while reading it. Just like if a text was sent to you, it makes you feel happy, sad, mad, no matter the context it will twist and turn your emotions in any way.

Believe it or not poetry is significant to history culturally and emotionally. The cultural significance of poetry is connecting people to people by the setbacks in our past from how they spoke, wrote, evidence, and overall awareness. We use poetry throughout our lives without knowing because of how expressive it is.

Poetry is more like the imagination of the poet in that they are trying to realize the conditions that society continuously pushes through and they put those thoughts into words on a line, but those ‘words’ mean something. 

Furthermore, when coming across a poetry-like story understand how it leads your emotions to understand what the poet is trying to make you feel, not how you feel personally.