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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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The Voice of the Bellwood-Antis Student Body

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BASD announces lockers are getting smaller next year

Kate Wallace
Students predict the upcoming change in locker size will lead to an increase in a dangerous trend.

The Bellwood-Antis School District has announced the reduction of the locker size for high schoolers next year.

In a school board meeting on Monday, Mr. DiSabato stated that the size of the high school lockers are going to be “notably reduced” due to an “increase in the upcoming student bodies”.

“The locker reduction plan is set to be put into effect next year in order to create more space for the incoming students,” commented Mr. Schrier.

Although this will not impact the Class of 2024, other high schoolers are worried about the locker reductions.

“They shove me into lockers as much as it is now, it’s gonna be even more of a squeeze next year,” stated sophomore Cameron Gallagher.

A recent trend on social media platforms has been taking place in schools across the country. The trend consists of students attempting to shove large objects, including people, into the thin lockers provided by their schools. Students worry that this trend will make it to their school by next year.

“I’ve seen the videos. One student shoved in a trombone from the band room, and one even put in chickens! Not to even mention the amount of videos of kids being put into lockers, the fire department even had to come to get one out,” stated junior Sidney Davis. “This is gonna be worse than the bathroom pranks!”

Students fear that because the school does nothing in the face of bullying now, the trend is going to make student’s lives miserable in the following years.

“Godspeed to the upcoming high schoolers. I’ve had my fair share of locker shovings. Glad it can’t get any worse for me now,” commented senior Katie Bianchini.

Students are also concerned about the upcoming downsize due to the fact that their backpacks and other necessities barely fit into their current lockers. Some students plan to share lockers with their middle school acquaintances, due to the walk-in-closet-size space their lockers provide.

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