Fab Freshman: Carlee Gathagan


Phoebe Potter

Carlee Gathagan is the stylish kid in the freshman class.

Tessa Albert, Staff Writer

You may see her roaming the halls or in the art room, this month’s Fab Freshman Carlee Gathagan.

A graduate of the middle school, she’s new to Bellwood-Antis high school hallways.

Carlee says, “I like being in the high school a lot more than the middle school.  The teachers here treat us better. They treat me like an adult and not like I’m still in the elementary school.”

Her best friend Danielle Peters had some caring words to say …  “She’s very caring and kind, but she’s also a spaz.”

One of the things you might find Carlee doing in school is cheering at BA football and basketball games.

Or you might find her in the art room.

“I like art a lot.  I like painting and drawing but sculpting with clay has to be my favorite thing to do in art class,” said Carlee.

When she’s not in school, she enjoys going fishing (when it’s nice out), sleeping, or four-wheeling.

If she’s not doing those things you can find her watching her favorite movie: The Goonies.

One of the things Carlee hopes to better in her sophomore year is her grades.  She hopes to do better in her classes and try harder.

But she has made some great memories as a ninth grader.

“One of the things I’ll never forget about freshman year has to be me getting a tattoo!”