Bellwood-Antis Baseball teams continue the season off right.

Boys down Panthers behind strong arm of Cory Parson


Denise Showalter

Somewhere in the pile at home plate in B-A’s No. 31 Jacqueline Finn, whose walk-off grand slam sent the Lady Devils past Northern Bedford 8-4 in 8 innings last Friday

Sapphire McCready, Sports Editor

On Friday The Blue Devils played a near-perfect game and came out with a 7-1 victory against the Northern Bedford Panthers in Loysburg.

Cory Parson threw six innings and allowed just two hits for the Blue Devils. Parson struck out eight Panthers.

“My role is huge this year,” said Parson. “We need someone other than Chad to be able to pitch and that’s where I come in.”

Parson also added, “I feel great about my role on the team. We have so much talent at every position that we should go very far this year.”

The Blue Devils had 7 runs, 11 hits, and no errors.

Chad Luensmann, Trenton Creppage, and Joey Padula each had two hits for the Blue Devils.

Creppage, Jordan McCracken, Sawyer Kline, and Joey Padula had RBI’s.

Randy Zitterbart and Jack Showalter both hit triples.  Nevin Wood hit a double.

“I was extremely nervous about the game, but I have worked very hard in the offseason so I have the confidence in my ability to start the season off strong,” said Parson.

The Blue Devils record is now 2-0.

Parson has a lot of confidence in the team going far this year.

He said, “I feel great.  I have set high goals for myself coming into the season, and I think that Friday’s game was just the start for a great Blue Devil season.”

Also Friday, Blue Devil softball team also came out on top with an 8-4 victory against Northern Bedford at home.

Jacqueline Finn hit a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the eighth send the Blue Devils past Northern Bedford.

Finn finished with three hits for the Blue Devils who scored two runs in the seventh that sent the game into extra innings.

Finn and Taylor Shildt each hit a homerun.

Edyn Convery had four hits and drove in two runs. She also hit two doubles.

The Blue Devils had a few players that had multiple hits: Convery had 4, Finn had 3, Wolfe had 2, and Shildt had 2.

Finn had 4 RBI’s, Convery had 2 RBI’s, and Shildt had one RBI.

Shildt was also the winning pitcher.

Bellwood-Antis had 8 runs, 14 hits, and one error.

The Bellwood-Antis Blue Devil softball team now has a record of 1-1.