Marilyn Manson: please just stop

Eli Vaglica, Student Contributor

Back in “the days of old” there were some pretty great bands, bands like Nirvana, Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest, System of a Down, Pantera, and even some of the less mainstream ones like Mayhem or Cannibal Corpse (although Cannibal Corpse has seen more of the spotlight through time and exposure).

However, there are some old actst hat should just… stop. Some might even say these musicians should have never began performing in the first place.

For example: Marilyn Manson … just why?

That’s the question I ask myself upon seeing or hearing about that dreadful musician. He had one good song, a one-hit wonder called  “The Beautiful People.” Even then some would argue if he even has that. He’s so tacky compared to all of metal, and like an overused snot rag he’s simply no good. His gimmick is overplayed: a man who wears pale make-up, dresses in mostly in black, and acts out a lot. My how very original. He dresses up the way he does and says he wants people not to talk about him, but he only does it so that people will talk about him.

Manson recently released a new album called The Pale Emperor. If you listen to his single “Deep Six,”which is on the radio constantly for who knows what reason, you may see my point. Repetition is probably the best way to get your message across in a song; however, if a whole song is just the repetition of the same thing over and over again that’s just kind of uncreative and annoying to be frank. Most of the song is just him making this awful sound, which I presume is supposed to be vocals. His voice, for the music he makes, is just simply no good.

Besides his new songs, has anyone really even heard of his other songs? A lot of people know his song “The Beautiful People,” but does anyone listen to any of his other songs? I mean I’ve heard “The Nobodies” and a few others. No one really knows him by anything but that one song or his overrated covers of other songs, like the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams.”

“The Beautiful People” is kind of overrated. How did that one song become so popular without much reason? It’s not the best thing anyone’s ever heard. It was produced, and it exists so, why?

Beyond that, Manson appears to be a rather horrible person. Need proof? Check out the list of lawsuits brought against him listed on his wikipedia page.

Marilyn Manson, could you do us a favor and stop making music. If this is your big mid-life crisis at age 46 or so, just stop.