Super Senior: Caleb Knisely


Devin Poplin , Staff Writer

Maybe you know Bruce Knisely or maybe Sarah Knisely, but what about Caleb? Do you know him? Caleb Knisely is this month’s Super Senior and he is one out of 10 kids. I know what you are thinking, “10 kids, that’s crazy!” and it is…to most of us. Most people can’t imagine coming from a family with 10 kids, but Caleb can’t imagine it any other way. “It’s always loud and you never run out of things to do,” said Caleb.

Caleb’s birthday is on August 22 and his favorite song is Best Day of my Life. His favorite movie is Captain America Winter Soldier.

Most people see Caleb as a super quiet and shy kid, but once you get to know him he really isn’t.

“It’s weird. At the beginning of the year he never spoke a word, but now he sits with us at lunch and I find him randomly singing to himself,” said Jess Salmon.

Hopefully, this story will help all the students that don’t know him well get to know him.

In school, Caleb participates in wrestling. Outside of school he likes to play flag football.

Caleb said that his favorite subject is physics, “It is my favorite because you get to do a lot of hands on stuff.” After high school Caleb said that he plans to attend college at either IUP or Penn State for Criminal Justice.

Caleb said that he is looking forward to prom, but not so much for graduation because there are things that he will miss about BAHS.

“I will miss all my friends, teachers, and coaches,” said Caleb.

The only question left is, does Caleb regret anything about his time at BAHS as it is coming to an end.

“The only thing I regret about my time at BAHS is not being involved in as much.”