Poetry Slam 2015 thrills the crowd


Emily Wagner

Nearly 40 students presented poems to the student body at the annual Poetry Slam.

Dallas Huff with the last poem of the slam

Kayla Kustaborder, Staff Writer

The Poetry Slam of 2015 was held Friday morning April 24 and was a great success.

Senior Dallas Huff was the emcee for the slam for the second year in a row. He later delivered an emotional poem about the memories of his senior year.

Zac Salomie (third), Caroline Taylor (second) and Brande Robison (first) were the winners at the 2015 Slam.
Emily Wagner
Zac Salomie (third), Caroline Taylor (second) and Brande Robison (first) were the winners at the 2015 Slam.

Students submitted a poem to their English teacher to get into the slam, and more than thirty poets took the stage and read a poem from the following categories: Duo, Humorous, Love Poems, Nostalgia Poems, 10 Things Poems, or Miscellaneous.

Tyson Miller, Tyler Shultz and Ryan Bouslough

The following students read a poem in the slam; Tyson Miller, Tyler Shultz and Ryan Bouslough, Hannah Cherry, Caroline Taylor, Jeremy Wilson, Paige Padula and Natalie Dumin, Nate Claar and Codey Campbell, Jake McCaulley and Nathan Davis, Emily Estright, Brandon Bickel, Jason Shade, Eli Vaglica, Duke Brunner, Gabrielle Zuiker, Robert VanKirk, Michaela Miller, Amanda Baldwin, Dejah Rhodes, Hunter Curren, Kiara Wolfe, Payge Heater, Zac Salomie, Brande Robison, Emily Wagner, Caroline Taylor, Caleb Rickards, Ali McCaulley, Sarah Winesickle, Revel Southwell and Luke Hollingshead, and Dallas Huff.

Caroline Taylor, second place poem
Zac Salomie and Mr. Stewart, third place
Brande Robison, 2015 slam champion
Robert VanKirk and his love for cows
Jake McCaulley and Nathan Davis
Jeremy Wilson loves America!
Ali McCaulley kills it again
Revel Southwell and Luke Hollingshead are at it again

English teachers Ms. Trostle and Mr. Naylor also presented a duo poem.

The event started with a bang when the audience joined in for Tyson, Tyler and Ryan’s poem about Zack Mock.

The audience especially enjoyed last year’s slam champions Revel Southwell and Luke Hollingshead’s duo poem on catch phrases of the teachers.

Robert VanKirk’s poem on his love of cows, and Jeremy Wilson’s patriotic poem about his love for America were also crowd pleasers.

This year’s winner was junior Brande Robison. Second place went to Caroline Taylor while Zac Salomie finished third. Winners receive a gift card for Barnes and Nobles, made possible by a grant from the Bellwood-Antis School District Foundation.

At the end of the poetry slam the BluePrint staff surprised Mr. Naylor with a poem and a  video, making him feature teacher of the month.