Natalie Chooses a College

BA senior struggles with a difficult decision between the University of Pittsburgh and the University of South Carolina.

Rachael Harris


Kerry Naylor

Things weren’t always this cheery for senior Natalie Dumin, shown here with Zach Mock, when she was choosing a school for next year.

Devin Poplin, Staff Writer

Every high school senior is faced with many difficult decisions about their future. College, trade schools, military or going straight into the work force are all options to consider. Even kids that have already made a decision still have many other choices to make. Choices like what school to attend and what to major in.

Senior Natalie Dumin had to make one of the most difficult decisions this year choosing a college, either choosing the University of Pittsburgh or the University of South Carolina.

I’m really looking forward to the college experience and exploring different majors.

— Natalie Dumin

She ultimately chose Pitt, but it wasn’t easy.

Although Natalie had already decided to major in either sports management or communications she still had trouble making a decision of which college to attend.

“There were so many things to love about each school that it was hard to narrow it down,” said Natalie.

Natalie said that she was looking for a school with a good campus that she will want to spend four years at.

“With Pitt I really loved that it was in the city, but it didn’t really have the campus feel and the University of South Carolina has a campus exactly like what I am looking for, but it is so far away from home,” she said.

Natalie said that revisiting Pitt’s campus is what helped her make her choice.

“I really felt like I loved it the second time around. Plus it seems way more realistic because it’s not too far away from home,” said Natalie.

“I’m really looking forward to the college experience and exploring different majors.”