Tune Talk: The Black Dahlia Murder


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The Black Dahlia Murder will release its next album September 18.

Eli Vaglica, Staff Writer

“Into the Everblack.” The Black Dahlia Murder’s words inspire fright into the light of people’s lives. While some might not like that idea, I personally love their darkened lyrical style. The band dresses much like punk and, while still being melodic death metal, has a lot in common with deathcore and metalcore.

The Black Dahlia Murder/YouTube

The Black Dahlia Murder derives its name from an unsolved murder case in 1947 of a woman named Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia. The band consists of lead vocalist Trevor Strnad, guitarists Brian Eschbach and Ryan Knight, bassist Max Lavelle, and drummer Alan Cassidy. They officially formed in 2001.

The mixture of Edgar Allan Poe and William Shakespeare-type lyrics create an atmosphere of total darkness. Their wicked guitars shriek with rapid chords throughout entire songs. The smash of the brutal drums incite headbanging to any listener.

The band currently has six albums and is about to release its seventh album titled Absymal on September 18. Their previous album, Everblack, was released back in 2013. Nocturnal, was their third album and is one of the other major releases by TBDM.

Everblack and Nocturnal were the band’s biggest releases and hopefully Abysmal will be the next big step. They’ve released some songs on YouTube and Spotify to listen to from their upcoming album and this dreadfully, horrific release isn’t going to be here soon enough.