Changes in dress code spark student response


Ethan McGee

Sophomore Carlee Gathagan is careful to obey the dress code, wearing extra layers of clothing to keep exposed skin covered.

Caroline Showalter, Staff Writer

The dress code has had some changes to it since last year. Some people are happy but some are not.

According to High School Principal Mr. Schreier, the fingertip rule has changed for leggings and yoga pants.  Now, everything must be covered in the front and the back.

However, Junior Alanna Leidig doesn’t like the change.

“Your shirt should only have to cover your butt not the front too,” she said.

Violators get off the hook a little more this year.  Instead of getting an automatic detention the first offense, you receive a warning; then the second violation will be a detention.

It’s really not that hard to follow.”

— Derek Swope

When asked about this rule senior Marissa Panasiti, “I think it’s fair to give a warning before you hand a detention.”

Could this change cause more violators because they know they are receiving a warning first before serious punishment?

According to senior Derek Swope, “It’s really not that hard to follow.”

But to some the dress code is hard to follow while to others it’s a little more challenging.  This can change based on your gender.

For example, girls have a harder time following the dress code because guys do not wear yoga pants.  The dress code seems aimed more toward girls.  Shoulders cannot been seen, shorts must be longer than your fingertips, and your buttocks must be covered the whole way around.

Why are these rules in place?  Could it be because when girls do not follow these rules they become a distraction to guys?  Or is it because they want us to dress in the most professional way possible?

Senior Caroline Taylor believes it teaches us how to dress in a professional world.