Student tailgate kicks off incentives for student achievement

Freshmen currently lead the race for the reward


Kerry Naylor

The display case outside of the main office posts the class leaders in the race for the tailgate party.

Noah D'Angelo, Staff Writer

This year, Bellwood-Antis High School is doing something different. As a reward for the grade with the best combined percentage of students’ attendance and good behavior, a tailgate party will be held during school.

Assistant principal Mrs. Adams is the organizer of the tailgate.

“I came up with this idea over the course of the summer. It keeps it fun for the students, creating some friendly competition,” Mrs. Adams said. “It teaches each grade level to cooperate to achieve the final goal, to win. With the only rewards for students coming at the tail end of the year at the COTY banquet, I am using this as a way to motivate the students to stay well-behaved and keep their attendance up.”

The tailgate is the reward for the first nine weeks only, which means there will be something along these lines for every single marking period. Ideas for these rewards will be taken gladly by Mrs. Adams.

It keeps it fun for the students, creating some friendly competition.

— Mrs. Adams

“At this tailgate, the cafeteria will be providing high quality food and students will bring numerous games, such as kan-jam and cornhole. If anyone has any ideas of what else to include in this tailgate, they can contact me and give me their input.”

As of right now, the freshman are winning the competition, but just by a smidge. October 30th is the last day of keeping track for the first marking period. So this is your time to catch up to the freshman and win yourself the tailgate, which will be held during school on November 9th.