Fantasy Football Week 4 preview

With Ben injured, look for Bell to put up big numbers


Cory Parson

Time to gear up for another week of Fantasy Football.

Cory Parson, Staff Writer

Three weeks into the NFL season and I can personally say my teams are perfection. Two 3-0 starts in my two leagues proves how amazing my drafting skills are. But anyways, back to projections.

Cam Newton has been explosive each week this year, so I think he is a viable starting option. He is projected 19.3 points against a horrible Tampa Bay defense. I see Newton scoring 20+ points this week in another win for Carolina.

Also, Le’Veon Bell should make big waves this Thursday against the Ravens. With Ben Roethlisberger injured and an old Vick behind center, expect Bell to get 20-25 carries and score way above his projected amount of 17.5. Larry Fitzgerald is an amazing possession receiver capable of big numbers even with his old age. He is projected 15.5 and I see him getting around 10 targets this Sunday and obtaining somewhere around his projected amount.

Calvin Johnson, the best receiver in the league, isn’t a worthy start against the Seahawks this week. He will be against Richard Sherman all game and won’t get many receptions. He is projected 16.5 but I don’t see him scoring above 10-12 points. Also, starting Michael Vick in his first start over Big Ben isn’t a good idea. They have a great running game, so they will sit behind that before they give Vick free reign of the offense. I see him scoring around 12 points this weekend, though projected at 17.

This week in fantasy is pretty cookie-cutter in who you should start and sit. The matchups now mean more than the projected amount. Keep your eyes open for last week injuries, those backups could propel some people to a win!